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AAA Canada: a proven method of intervention

AAA Canada is an on and off-site manufacturing company that offers specialized subcontracting and technical assistance services related to industrial engineering, production and maintenance in the Aerospace, Ground Transportation and Defence sectors.


We provide diversified services adapted to all types of aircraft and to every stage of the aircraft's life cycle.


We provide diversified services adapted to all types of ground transportation and to specific elements at every stage of the transportation life cycle.


We provide diversified services adapted to all types of defence transportation and specific elements.



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A know-how and a proven intervention method


A highly qualified workforce


Our 100th aerospace training course achieved


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Our Strengths

Productivity, on time delivery and efficiency

The mandates entrusted to us are rigorously managed in order to optimally respond to the operational reality of our clients and their specific needs.




We understand the challenges faced by industrial companies.   
And we are here to support them with solutions.


1. Streamlining Recruitment: Enhancing Efficiency

  • Subcontracting recruitment allows clients to focus on core functions.
  • Talent acquisition is handled for quick results.
  • Maximum recruitment is ensured to bolster client success.

2. Staff Pre-Training and Onboarding Efficiency

  • Ensures pre-training and cost-effective onboarding.
  • Ensures the competence and productivity of staff.
  • Results in smoother operations and enhanced satisfaction.

3. Effortless Employee Retention

  • Manages salary changes, leaves, sick days, and insurance.
  • Relieves clients of HR intricacies.
  • Quick staff substitution ensures ongoing productivity.

4. Training and Staff Flexibility

  • Provides employee training and flexible staffing benefits.
  • Reduces training costs for skill gaps.
  • Offers skilled professionals with varied experiences.

5. Contingency Planning and Global Hiring

  • Implements a rapid replacements and global hiring strategy for efficiency.
  • Provides a qualified staff pool.
  • Manages permits and immigration for uninterrupted operations.

6. Production Line Management

  • Offers a full production solution, integrating work packages and subcontracting.
  • Segments the production line and plans from output backward.
  • Ensures efficient task management for successful project completion.

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