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AAA Canada is an affiliate company of DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation, a world-class outsourcing company specializing in industrial engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and logistics. With an ecosystem of industry differentiators including other affiliates such as Avianor, AAA USA, AAA Mexico, Argo MRT Americas Inc., Selekktus and NSE Technical & Logistics Services,DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation provides turnkey services designed to strategically accompany our customers throughout their industrial engineering, manufacturing, repair and logistics needs. Operating in a wide range of specializations supporting key sectors in aerospace, transportation, defence, security, health and energy, DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation is integrating the following services:

  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
  • Mobile Repair Services
  • On-site industrial engineering
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • On-site manufacturing
  • Kitting and Sub-assembly
  • On-site maintenance
  • Transportation and Recruiting & Staffing



President & CEO
DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation

DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation operates as an interconnected ecosystem combining industry expertise and vast service offerings across each of its seven affiliated companies. In doing so, we have facilitated a means to streamline our processes and technologies to the benefit of all our clients, stakeholders, and community. Most importantly, through our local, national and international presence, we are committed to providing a superior level of customized, quality service and well-rounded abilities to our established and future clients at every stage of their needs.

With our core values of passion, excellence, determination, and collaboration, which are deeply embedded within our company’s DNA, we maintain our solid leadership positioning as a trusted partner who creates opportunities to strengthen the aerospace and ground transportation economy. We strive to remain an industry ambassador supporting the workforce of tomorrow. We are, and will continue to be, renown for our collective adaptability, reactiveness and innovative competencies. That, you can always count on.

I want to thank each member of our vast community for being part of this fantastic journey.

Benoit Hudon

AAA Group

Network present in 9 countries

AAA Canada draws its strength from the AAA European Group, a major player in the industry since 25 years, generating more than 300 million dollars of annual revenue and employing over 3,500 people throughout the world.

AAA Group serves more than 50 industry-leading customers worldwide and has an expertise on over 40 civil, military and business aircrafts

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A Word From Management


Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
AAA Canada

Dear colleagues, employees, clients and partners,

In 2008, the AAA Group, already well established in Europe, decided to open a Canadian subsidiary in order to diversify its presence in North America. More than 10 years later, we are extremely proud to highlight that AAA Canada employs several hundreds of employees across Canada.

The driving force behind this phenomenal growth is the contribution of each of these valuable individuals who make up the AAA Canada community. Their excellence, passion, determination and collaboration have made this journey possible.

More than ever, AAA Canada wants to contribute to the national and international development of the aerospace, ground transportation, energy and defence sectors. The high added value of our on and off-site approach allows the leaders of these sectors to subcontract their production to our highly specialized teams for whom quality is a daily priority. This is how AAA Canada helps create jobs and wealth across the country.

As Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, it goes without saying that my main mission for the years to come is to do everything in my power to ensure that AAA Canada becomes the Canadian leader in the aerospace, transportation, energy and defence sectors, in terms of industrial engineering, production and maintenance services. The road will certainly have its share of challenges, however AAA Canada's strength is to dare, to renew itself and to mobilize.

On behalf of the entire management team, I would like to thank the stakeholders in our great and beautiful community, which is vital to succeed in a world where mobility is constantly evolving.

AAA Canada is renewing its commitment to be your partner to success.

"More than ever, AAA Canada wants to contribute to the national and international excitement of the aerospace, ground transportation and defence industries."

Our Values

The pillars of our success

  • ExcellenceExcellence
  • PassionPassion
  • DéterminationDetermination
  • CollaborationCollaboration



Benoit Hudon
Benoit Hudon

President & CEO DRAKKAR Aerospace & Ground Transportation


Éric Dion
Eric Dion

Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer


Sébastien Vadon
Sébastien Vadon

Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer - Transport 


Enilson Dutra
Enilson Dutra

Vice-President, Sales  & Operations - Aerospace


Richard Morel
Richard Morel
Vincenza Tufano
Vincenza Tufano

Senior Director of Human Resources


Jonathan Mediati
Jonathan Mediati

Director, Customer Experience and Engagment 


Arnaud Averadere
Arnaud Averadere

Director of Operations Quebec - Transport 


Olivier Falmagne
Olivier Falmagne

Director of Operations Quebec - Aerospace 


Erick Arch
Erick Arch

Director of Operations - Ontario & West Coast 


Klaus Bolher
Klaus Bolher

Quality & Training Director


Social Commitments

Concrete actions, a positive impact on our society

Fondation Cégep Édouard Montpetit
Fondation Cégep Édouard Montpetit

AAA Canada is involved with sector-based organizations such as Fondation Cégep Édouard-Montpetit to support the emerging workforce and create proximity with the whole community and specialized resources. Since 2012, one member of our Senior Manager sits on the Annual Fundraising Board of this College. AAA Canada is proud to invest and get involved in a foundation supporting and fostering youth, education and future generations.


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L’École nationale d’aérotechnique (ÉNA) is a specialized Aerospace College part of the Collège Édouard-Montpetit campus located on the South Shore of Montreal, QC. We have signed a long-term partnership with l’ÉNA for ongoing professional development and training of our dedicated employees. Indeed, our workforce has the opportunity to take part in training sessions at ÉNA given by our certified trainers. In addition, AAA Canada is involved in this College’s Career Days and Job Fairs to create proximity with the emerging workforce. www.ena.cegepmontpetit.ca/


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L'Ancre des jeunes
L'Ancre des jeunes

Ancre des jeunes offers students in Southwest Montreal who are having a hard time staying motivated at school and in danger of dropping out a structured environment and quality services suited to their needs, to help them realize their potential and better fit in at school, at work and in society. This organization offers concrete solutions to help over 90% of young dropouts go back to school.


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Fondation de la recherche sur le diabète juvénile
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

The JDRF’s mission is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through supporting research. Our team participates in the annual Ride for Diabetes Research Event – a corporate challenge on a stationary bicycle that allows raising money for the organization. Year after year, our teams and partners are mobilized for the cause, with energy and motivation.


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Fondation Cité de la Santé
Fondation Cité de la Santé

AAA Canada is proud to sponsor the 2021 edition of the 300 km for LIFE Bike Challenge, organized by the Cité de la Santé Foundation to benefit the Laval Cancer Program. The organization's mission is to contribute to the improvement of care and services at the Laval CISSS, particularly through fundraising activities.


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